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Dr. Suzuki
Dr. Suzuki

SASS director, Ms. Cynthia  spent three years of her daily study with Dr. Suzuki in Japan from 1989-92.   In December 1991 she graduated from the Talent Education Research Institute in Matsumoto.

The Violin pedagogy at SASS bears a strong influence by the ideas of Dr. Suzuki and the teacher trainers from the Suzuki Association of the Americas under which she has continued to study.
Dr. Suzuki believed that music could lift the abilities of every child.    Many of the ideas which he discovered intuitively and  used in his teaching method are being verified more and more by modern neurological research.
The most fulfilling way that Ms. Cynthia can thank Dr. Suzuki for his generous contribution to her training as a teacher is to work on projects like SASS which provide an environment and opportunities for children at risk to be raised by a violin.