Violin Classes

Suzuki Violin Classes: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer

Registration information:   Please contact

714 547-5468    Mom helping with Box Violin - Spring 08 Recital

Class levels:

PreTwinkle Violin A:

3:15 – 4:00   entry level class for all children ages 3-7

Pretwinkle Violin B:

4:00-4:45  (must complete rhythm  skills in PreTwinkle A class)


4:45-5:30   children playing open strings on violin (must master bowing  skills in PreTwinkle B class)

Book I:

5:30-6:15   entry-level for students ages 8 and up, students using left hand on fingerboard and working through book I  (must have skills required for Twinkler Class mastered)

Group Lessons every Saturday   3:00-4:00.

( all group students from OCCTAC must be enrolled in a Friday classes or a Member of the Talent Education Center)

3:00-3:30  PreTwinklers & Twinklers

3:30-4:00 Twinklers and Book I-ll students

More Advanced Students from the Talent Education Center are encouraged to volunteer as mentors or assistants.

Short parent Q & A between group lessons

Link to After School Arts programs at OCCTAC

Link to Registration for Classes at OCCTAC

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