SASS Director

BW portrait w Violin 6inIn 1992 Ms Cynthia returned after studying with Dr. Suzuki for 3 years.   As a graduate of the Talent Education Research Institute in Japan she returned to California with a desire to start her own Suzuki Violin Studio.    In the spring of 92 she founded the Talent Education Center in Irvine, CA.    She continued to update her Suzuki training in the States and has been a member of the Suzuki Music Association of California.   She has also been featured in local News papers with her students.

Her training includes experience and teacher training in Montessori, Kindermusik and PreTwinkle Violin.   She has volunteered her skills teaching preschool music classes and provided Kindermusik classes for Alternative Education students and their babies.   But her real desire was to find a program where she could provide the best possible Suzuki Violin program  for children at risk in Orange County.

After a long search she finally met Dr. Ana Jimenez, the Executive Dir. and founder of OCCTAC in 2006.   She continues to serve as director of Santa Ana Suzuki Strings.graduation shaking hands cropped

In the spirit of her teacher, Dr. Suzuki, Cynthia continues to do research in her Suzuki programs, driven to make learning to play the violin as successful and rewarding as possible for young children.   Her experience with the children at OCCTAC in the SASS program help to inspire her innovative teaching with their challenges.

Ms Cynthia’s Suzuki Training

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