Events and Activities



All SASS students from PreTwinklers to Advanced students are busy preparing for Performances throughout the year for each semester.   While Fridays are spent mostly on pedagogic violin skills from each of their Suzuki Book Levels, Group Lessons on Saturdays is when all students join forces to prepare and develop ensemble and performance skills.   This is when much of their music instruction in the Afterschool program is applied to the business of making music and sharing it with others.


All SASS students from PreTwinklers to Advanced students are expected to participate in Recitals at the end of each Semester.  These are currently held on the last Friday Evenings of the Semester as the last Class.   Parents are expected to participate and assist in this event.   This is an opportunity to invite friends and extended family members to see your progress and performances.

Suzuki Violin children - recital
Spring 08 Recital

Anyone who can not perform at Recitals needs to contact the Director of the After school Director with an excused absence.  Attendance at recitals weighs in with the attendance at class and participation in other activities when choosing who has access to these classes.

Children performing in SASS Recital
Up like a Rocket with PreTwinklers and Twinklers


In anyone given semester SASS students are asked to do performances for other events at OCCTAC or in the Community as out reach.


Open House Celebrations

Thank to the efforts of many other organizations and sponsors who help to find grants and raise funds in addition to the fund-raising activities of parents, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of providing classes and instruments for our students.   Dr. Jimenez has a number of Open House Events at OCCTAC during the year when sponsors and VIPs in the community are invited to see the center and learn more about it.  It is a privilege to be asked by her to perform for these events.  It is also an opportunity to say thank you to those who have given of their resources so an After School program like SASS can have a home at OCCTAC.

Suzuki Children playing Violins
Children play for VIPS invited to OCCTAC

Family Festivals and workshops

SASS students are often asked to participate in OCCTAC festivals and workshops.   These events may provide opportunities for parents from afterschool programs to do fund-raising.   Workshops in the courtyard are opportunities for programs at OCCTAC to invite prospective families from the community to get a taste of the programs offered at OCCTAC.   These are also opportunities for children to play, share and try other arts experiences.

Winter Holiday Celebration

We have an annual Winter Holiday Celebration which all of the programs at OCCTAC participate in.   It is a show case of all the wonderful programs and talented children at the Center.  It is a no miss event and such a lot of hard work an fun for the Holiday season.  Be sure to reserve you seats for this wonderful Performance.

Community Out Reach

There are a number of organizations in the community, near and far who have invited other OCCTAC and SASS students to perform at their events, which may range in scope from a private organizational activity to a Public Festival in the OC community.   PreTwinklers, Twinklers as well as Suzuki Violin Book I and up students may be asked to perform depending on what is requested for their specific event.

SASS and TEC Suzuki Students with Irvine Mayor Kang and his City Council Members
SASS and TEC Suzuki Students with Irvine Mayor Kang and his City Council Members
Suzuki violin Children playing Twinkle
Twinkle Variations at Anaheim Convention Center

This is an opportunity for SASS students to represent OCCTAC in the greater OC community.   In one instance, an international organization based in OC found one of our performances on YouTube and asked if we could play the National Anthem for the opening of their conference.   That morning we performed as musical ambassadors from Santa Ana at the Anaheim Hilton.

Here is a short list of organizations we have performed for in the past:

  • Imagination Celebration, Dia Del Nino
  • Irvine Global Village Festival
  • Irvine City Council Meeting, Musical Moment
  • College of Education at Chapman University
  • Festival of Children Foundation at South Coast Plaza
  • Genworth Group Event at the Montage
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children at the Anaheim Convention Center

Participation in other Music organizations

SASS students are encouraged to participate in other ensembles both at OCCTAC or other Performing organizations in the community.  They are often leaders in their school orchestras.   One of our Senior students was playing in both the Santa Ana College Chamber Strings and the Community Orchestra of Southern California.   As Suzuki Students they may also be encouraged to participate in Activities put on by the OC chapter of the Suzuki Music Association of California such as workshops, Festivals, Institutes and International Graduations.

Suzuki Students perform with orchestra
SASS & TEC students team up with CYOSC

Depending on Staff and student resources there are also opportunities for SASS students to perform with other instrument programs at OCCTAC.  We are currently working on an inter OCCTAC Ensemble with more experienced students.  There are also several teachers in the Guitar program that are working on ensembles for students interested in playing the Ethnic musical styles of Mexico and Latin America.

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