Suzuki students at OCCTAC

Interview on Ask the Violinist site about SASS

Earlier this year Ms. Cynthia was doing research on line to find out if there were any new ways to fund violins for violin programs.    She came across a website that featured information for violin students and violin programs in chalenging new places around the world.   After searching the Violin Resources on the site for any new ideas about funding violins, Ms. Cynthia contacted the editor and asked where other programs where getting violins for their youngest students.

When Sarah Koh realized that we had an unusual program which made the effort to start children from a young age she offered to do an interview about SASS on her site.   Sarah asked us lots of great questions to help describe the challenges we are faced with.  I want to thank her for recognizing our unique problems as a string program which attempts to start children at the preschool level.

You can find the article Santa Ana Suzuki Strings  on .

The site has many resources and information covering: Violinist on line, Violin Out Reach, Concerts, Music schools, and even a section with Resources for Families.

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