Great examples of Musical Leadership

Great examples of Musical Leadership

Not even a flood can stop these kids.   What a great inspiration these young musicians are.   It makes me proud to be from Iowa.   If I had had access to the internet when I was a young musician I would have been organizing a musical movement like these kids.   Because Iowa is such a hard place to get out of, a giant corn field snack dab in the middle of  the country.    I thought nothing ever happened in Iowa.   Well I can’t say that today.

Read their blog on Iowa Makes Music and find out how these kids from river city Iowa are taking their musical abilities out of the practice room and making a difference in their local communities.   If they can be such a hit coming from a place like Iowa what’s stopping the rest of us.

Here’s just one example:

Hi, I’m Kelsey a ninth grader at Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf, Iowa. I play the cello and so I wanted to participate in the Iowa Makes Music Arts Leadership Program because I am very passionate for music and I want to spread the sound of it to my community. I will perform my Chinese repertoire at at least 10 different community places in the Quad Cities (Iowa and Illinois). Ex) libraries, book stores,  retirement homes, hospitals, day cares…etc.

“Music is the bridge between different cultures and generations.” Like they say, one person can make a big difference. I hope that I can inspire some of you to do so as well!

Check out the Iowa story on From The Top.

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