A Growing Suzuki Program

Recital Spring 08
Recital Spring 2008

This summer we have a recital on Friday, Aug 28th at 6:30.   Even more of our students are up and playing on their violins.     Even though the economy in OC is quite slow we had 15 students enrolled for the summer classes.   Everyone is busy listening to their CDs.

Our oldest student is reaching the last pieces in Book I.   Next in line are four more students who are up and using their left hand skills and getting ready to chase him through Suzuki Violin book I.    We also have 4 new Twinklers who will be getting their first tones on the open strings of their violins.    All of this momentum and inspiration is making it easier for PreTwinklers to master their 4 Twinkle Rhythms.   We are all so proud of their progress.

The good news is that we have enough children to get up an play a bigger tone.    The bad news is that we are coming close to using all of our available violins.    Oh what a wonderful problem to have.   We might have to practice even more so we can go out an raise some spare change for more violins.

Holding Box Violin and Bow
Holding Box Violin and Bow

This Fall we are starting to receive invitations to make our first really public debut.    We will be joining our friends at TEC to play for the Irvine City Council Meeting in early Sept. on Tuesday the 8th .   There is an announcement about it in the OCCTAC Blog.   

In October 3rd we will share a booth at the Irvine International Festival with our friends from TEC and take turns playing in the Children’s Village and doing PreTwinkle demonstrations.    Goodness at the rate things are going we need to recruit some more PreTwinklers.

This Fall we will be registering the most students yet to participate in the Orange County Suzuki Strings Festival.   Everyone has till Saturday November 7th to practice.

Rumor has it that we have even more PreTwinkle students enroling in Fall classes.

Ms Cynthia has a few more surprises up her bow arm for Winter so keep your eye on our posts.

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